Building Plan Sanctioning / TP Sanction

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Regional planning is for the betterment of efficient placement and record of land usage activities and better planning of cities, this facilitate the proper planning of the cities in future perspective to control traffic, natural calamities etc.

Town planning department functions under Maharashtra Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) ordinance of 2016 and those under the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act, 1966. Every TP department functions accord to sanctioned regional plan of that area and Development, Control & Promotion Regulations.

Documents Required for Building Plan Sanction OR TP Sanction

Form for construction of Building Permission or Layout of Building / Group Housing.


2. Form of Certificate to be signed by the Architect / Licensed Engineer / Structural Engineer / Supervisor employed by the Applicant.

3. FORM OF STATEMENT - 1 [Sr. No. 10 (a) (III)] Existing building to be retained

4. FORM OF STATEMENT - 2 [Sr. No. 10 (b)] Proposed Building

For subdivision of Land as plotted layout


Form of Supervision


  1. Latest 7/12 Extract / Property Register Card / Form No. II (in case of T.P.S.)
  2. Incaseoflatest7/12extract/property register card/ Form No II (in case of TPS) showing amenity space / area under R.P. road handed over to Authority

9. Applicant/Developer/Land Owner’s affidavit about ownership of land under proposal, it is not under acquisition & not encumbered. (on stamp paper of Rs.500/-)

10. Certified Measurement Plan issued by the Department of Land Record.

11. Google image showing land under development & its surrounding duly signed by Applicant/ Land Owner/ Developer.

12. Affidavit & Indemnity Bond regarding Urban Land (Ceiling & Regulation) Act, 1976.(on stamp paper of Rs.500/-)

13. Regional Plan remarks from office of the ADTP, Pune Branch, Pune.

14. Affidavit from Applicant / Developer / Land Owner for appointments of Architect, Structural Engineer& Supervisor. (on stamp paper of Rs.500/-)

15. Structural Stability Certificate of licensed structural engineer for additions of floors on existing building.

16. Title Search Report ( For 30 years )

17. In case of Housing Society, NOC of all society members.

18. Allotment Letter of Society members

19. Certified Registered Power of Attorney

(Certified by Sub - Registrar )

20. Water Assurance Certificate from Competent Authority/ Local Body

21. Civil Aviation NOC

22. Provisional/Final/Revised Fire NOC from Appropriate Authority

23. Lift NOC

24. Environment Clearance (E.C.)

25. M.P.C.B.NOC

26. NOC from Railway Department.

27. NOC from Highway Authority

28. H.P.C.L.NOC

29. G.A.I.L.NOC

30. M.I.D.C.NOC

31. Explosive NOC

32. M.S.E.D.C.L.NOC

33. M.T.D.C NOC

34. Irrigation Department NOC (About HFL of river/water body )

35. NOC from Forest Department

36. NOC from Survey of India

37. NOC from Archeological Department

38. NOC from Defense Department

39. Collectors N.A. Order & Copy of sanction plans.

40. In case of revised proposal, copy of the demarcated layout from department of Land Record showing amenity spaces, co–ordination of existing adjacent layout roads and R.P/D.P roads.

Procedure to Sanction the Building Plan from Town Planning Department (Regional Plans):

Step 1: Collection of all supporting documents.

Step 2: Preparation of architectural drawings.

Step 3: Drafting and submission of proposal to town planning officer.

Step 4: Site Visit by the town planning department.

Step 5: Scrutiny of the application.

Step 6: Sanction of building plan.

Procedure to Sanction the Building Plan from Town Planning Department (Regional Plans not applied):

Step 1: Collection of all supporting documents.

Step 2: Drafting of proposal and submission to District Magistrate.

Step 3: Site visit by circle officer on order of DM.

Step 4: Land demarcation by land record department on order of DM. (Neglect this step if land demarcation and partition of land has already been done by applicant)

Step 5: DM will consult with town planner for technical perspective.

Step 6: Site visit by town planning department.

Step 7: Scrutiny of the application by town planning department.

Step 8: Sanction of the plan.

Timeframe required for the processing of the application to sanction the building plan:

Standard timeframe given by town planning department is 90 days considering all the documents are clear and there are queries are being raised.

If application doesn’t get rejected and not get sanctioned within given timeframe then it is supposed that application has been approved.

Offerings of Infistell Consultants:

1. Collection of all supporting documents.

2. Drafting and submission of proposal to DM office and town planning department.

3. Site visit report.

4. Follow ups with the concerned authority.

5. Answer to the queries raised by town planning department and DM Office.

6. Sanctioned building plan.