Land Use Change

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Non-agricultural land is a land which is not fit for the cultivation, and on which construction is carried out. There are three types of Non-agricultural lands namely Industrial, Commercial and residential, one can take permission from district collector to convert agricultural land to non agricultural accordingly.

Under Maharashtra land revenue code 1966 section 44 it has made compulsory to take permission from district collector to carry out any construction activity on the proposed land site. After permission from the collector NA taxes for the land need to be paid for the same land. Every application for permission for the conversion of use of land from one purpose to another as provided in Section 44 is required to make in the form in Schedule I to the Collector.

Document required to attached with the application form

Following is the list of documents required to change the use of land:

1. Prescribed form duly filled in duplicate with court fee stamp of rupees 5/-

2. Extract of V.F. 7/12 and its 4 xerox copies,

3. Copies of the all the relevant mutation entries (V.F. 6) pertaining to land in question….one set, If record is not available in revenue office, a certificate from the Revenue Officer stating their in that the same is not available with him. (Talathi or Tehsildar as the case may be)

4. Extract of village form 8 A….one copy,

5. Certified copies of the land map from the Taluka Inspector, Taluka Land Record Office,

6. 8 copies of site plan and 8 copies of *building plan (*if permission is asked for constructing building)

7. If the land is not abutting to any classified road and right of way over the boundaries of other survey number/Gat number is acquired, then extract of the relevant V.F.7/12 and V.F. 6

8. If the land in question is abutting EW, NH or SH, copy of the NOC from Highway Authorities or other appropriate authority

9. NOC from concern Gram panchayat/ Municipal councils,)

10. If the N.A. permission is already granted and application is to be made for change of use of land, then copy of the NA order and sanctioned plan is to be attached,

11. If the land is attracting provisions of Bombay Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act, 1948 then the Sale Permission received under section 43/63,

12. No dues certificate from farmer’s co-op society,

13. Certificate received from the Talathi stating therein that the land in the question is not under acquisition.

14. Any other documents such as NOC and clearance certificate etc. if the land attracts provisions of some other laws

15. If temporary permission is already granted for layout and application is made for final permission under the circumstances, then please attach the below documents:

  1. Copy of temporary NA order permission
  2. Plan prepared by survey department after subdivision of land in the plots, roads, open spaces and amenity places etc.
  3. 8 copies of the Architect’s plan
  4. extract of V.F. 7/12 and its 4 xerox copies and
  5. Copy of the mutation entry (V.F. 6) related to the temporary NA permission.

Procedure to Land use Change/ Procedure for NA

1. Land Plotting Procedure:

Step 1: Collection of all supporting documents.

Step 2: Preparation of architectural drawings.

Step 3: Application to S.D.O or collector.

Step 4: Land demarcation and partition of land.

Step 5: Site Visit by circle officer.

Step 6: Collector will consult with town planning department.

Step 7: Site visit by town planning department.

Step 8: Land demarcation by town planning department.

Step 9: Grant of permission to change land use.

Step 10: Informing Tehsildar by letter through talathi.

Step 11: Ka. Ja. Pa. by land record department.

2. Industrial, Residential or Commercial land use change procedure