Occupancy Certificate:

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Even if the building plan is sanctioned or the building is completed it is mandatory to get occupancy certificate from TP Office. This certificate is to ensure that all the required safety measures have been taken before the occupancy of the building.

Documents Required for Occupancy Certificate:

1. APPENDIX H -Form for completion certificate.

2. Collector's NA Order.

3. Copy of the sanctioned plans.

4. Copy of the Plinth Checking Certificate.

5. Structural Stability Certificate from Licensed Structural Engineer.


  1. H – 1 Completion Certificate by the Architect, Licensed Structural Engineer / Engineer / Supervisor.
  2. H – 2 Completion Certificate by the Licensed Structural Engineer.
  3. H – 3 Completion Certificate by the Architect, Licensed Structural Engineer / Engineer / Supervisor.

7. Copy of the final demarcated layout showing buildings, internal road, open spaces, amenity spaces, R.P. / D.P. roads etc. from department of Land Record.

8. Latest 7/12 Extract / Property Register Card / Form No. II (in case of TPS) showing amenity Space / area under RP road handed over to Authority.

9. Final Fire NOC from appropriate authority.

10. Lift NOC from Competent Authority.

11. Environment Clearance (E.C.) Certificate from S.P.C.B.

  1. Consent to Establish
  2. Consent to Operate

12. Rain Water Harvesting Compliance Certificate

13. Solar Energy System Compliance Certificate

14. Water Assurance Compliance Certificate from Competent Authority / Gram Panchayat.

15. Sewerage System Compliance Certificate from Licensed Engineer /Licensed Plumber.

16. Tree plantation compliance certificate from Land Owner / Developer.

17. Indemnity Bond for part Occupancy Certificate.

18. Photographs of complete Building/ Buildings.

Procedure to get Occupancy Certificate:

Step 1: Collection of all supporting documents.

Step 2: Making and submission of the proposal to town planning department.

Step 3: Answer to the queries raised by TP office.

Step 4: Issuance of Occupancy certificate.

Offerings of Infistell Consultants:

1. Collection of all supporting documents.

2. Drafting and submission of the application to concerned authority.

3. Follow ups with the concerned authority.

4. Site Visit.

5. Occupancy Certificate.